Training and Development

For a company to meet the competitive demands of the marketplace, its training programs must be responsive, relevant, and cost effective. CMG‘s approach to training and development is systematic and an output of our organizational change process. The transfer of skills from the learning arena into the workplace measures success. That is, whether an employee does something more productively after the training process.

Our purpose is to design a cost effective program to change an employee‘s behavior and increase their skills so that the company‘s effectiveness is expanded. Our training programs:

  • Meet the market demands of growth and change
  • Enhance employee productivity
  • Leverage the performance and commitment of employees
  • Meet the demands of technology/human interface
  • Reflect the value of education and training

CMG builds on a three-part model emphasizing needs assessment, participative training, and evaluation. Our goal is to design and deliver customized training that maximizes the operating efficiency of a company‘s employees.

Needs Assessment Phase:
All the training modules are linked conceptually and, while they can be used as stand alone components, each reflects the values and culture of a company. Rather than an "off-the-shelf" program, CMG‘s clients receive customized modules developed by our senior staff using cases and problems specific to the organization.

Training Phase:
Our senior staff members who have extensive experience providing training for a wide range of companies teach the courses.

Evaluation Phase:
Participant evaluation is vital for feedback to the organization and customization of future programs. To this end, participants help determine if a module is achieving its stated objectives.

Each program module is custom designed to ensure that it conveys the company‘s values, beliefs, and ideas about how business should be conducted. These modules concentrate on developing employees‘ skills and enhancing teamwork in a cross-functionally driven workplace.

Training Modules