John C. Bruckman, Ph.D.
 Managing Director
 Change Management Group

 715 Clay Street
 Ashland, Oregon 97520
 Office: 541.482.1050
 Fax: 541.482.1050


Our Purpose:

The Change Management Group (CMG) introduces and guides organizations through complex and difficult changes by increasing organizational effectiveness through designed interventions in planning and decision-making processes.

Our Approach:

Our approach to change management involves a phased project plan, that is:

  • Jointly planned with our client's staff to meet the unique needs of the organization
  • Organization wide and driven from the top
  • Guided by leadership coaching as an integral part of our process

Our Staff:

CMG is a group of organizational psychologists and MBAs that has consulted with senior executives in over 400 organizations in the United States, Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. Each senior
consultant averages over 25 years of internal and external professional

Our Specialization:

CMG specializes in organizational assessment and reorganizations, merger/acquisition integration, leadership coaching, staffing evaluations and training and development.